How To Get Fishing Sponsorship – 3 Steps

Friday, October 8th, 2010

how to become a prostafferAnyone involved in the fishing business either as a tackle manufacturer or fishing tackle retailer gets emails and letters from fishermen asking for sponsorship.  Typically fishermen are asking for money to pay for tournament costs or free product.  Some companies receive hundreds of these letters a day.  So how do you increase your chances of getting a sponsor?  Follow these 3 tips from the fishing tackle industry insiders and other fishing professionals.

  1. Know How To Ask. If you don’t ask for something, you’ll probably never get it…and if you don’t ask in the right way, you’ll probably never get it either.  If you send a letter or email to a tackle business, the letter should explain how you are going to benefit the company.  Tournament wins are great, but if your winning that many big tournaments sponsorship will not be an issue.  You need to tell the company how hard you’ll work for them.  Are you willing to travel to fishing shows and represent the company, even if it’s on your dime?  Will you work promotions at fishing tackle retailers even it’s on weekends during peak fishing times?  Will you help market their products to area retailers?  These are the things you’ll need to relay in your “Ask” letter.  You’ll also need to show them the passion you have for their product and the knowledge you have of it.  Sending out 10 letters to 10 companies that all make the same type of plastic baits is a big no-no.  All of these folks talk.  It’s a tight community and word will get around.
  2. Market Yourself. If you get a potential sponsor’s interest peaked, the next thing they’ll do is go online to check you out.  That’s the beauty of the Internet.  Information is out there on everyone.  What a big advantage it would be if you had your own website.  It would prove to potential sponsors that you are serious about being in the fishing game.  Your own website also gives you another tool to help market your sponsors products.  You can post information about their products and link back to their website.  These are all things that help the online marketing of your potential sponsor.  If you’re active in social marketing like Twitter and Facebook, that would help too.  Make sure the information and your posts are positive however.  Not a good idea to have you holding a bottle of booze or throwing gang signs in your profile picture.  There are companies that are devoted to market professional fishermen to either acquire sponsors, or get more business through web marketing.  One such company is Hook Set Design.  Their web packages are pretty inexpensive and can make a huge difference when entering the fishing business.
  3. Personal Marketing. This is a simple one but can be tough for some folks.  Get out and meet people in the fishing community.  Fish in tournaments and make a point to meet everyone there.  Go to fishing shows and introduce yourself to people in the industry.  Get active in the fishing community.  Go on fishing forums and be transparent.  Many people hide behind an avatar and funny screen name; let people know who you are.  Sponsors like fishermen that already have a group of people that know who they are.  Simply meet people and be nice to them.

I hope this information will help you get a sponsor or two.  One more piece of advice is to start with smaller companies that may be local to you.  Come up with new ideas that may help them expand their market. If you can help a smaller company grow into a big company, you’ll have a sponsor for life.

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